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The background verification services are basically done to conclude whether the applicants are presenting the true information about their pasts. The primary objective of the recruiter is to ensure that the candidate is right in all means with information provided by them. The top background verification process includes verifying authentications of the graduated college details and referral verification of the previous company.

There is also educational background verification services, employment background verification services, and professional licensing verifications which will verify details on a candidate's resume, such as dates of employment, job title, dates of graduation, degree types, and licenses completed. These verifications check directly with previous employers and educational institutions.

Employment check service

is a process to validate an applicant's previous employment details including length of employment, position, and rehire eligibility. Frequently, information supplied by job applicants is either false or inflated. Having false information, one can make an incorrect decision for the applicant's position or salary.

Hence to avoid spending time & effort on such profiles, employers across industries prefer to shortlist a top background verification services in India (jobseeker) who already has a thorough background check completed

3ghr services provide excellent background verification services; we verify the documents of the candidates with utmost standards. Though best background verification practices, we provide a comprehensive   protection to the company while hiring the employees. The process is built to safeguards the company and potential employee. Quality job hunters provide honest information which is recognized with the best third party verification services by 3ghrserives background verification.

Service’s includes:

Address Verification services
Employment Verification services.
Reference checks services.

BG service adoptable for Permanent Staffing or Temporary Staffing too

Get your current employer, previous employers or all verified need documents and Basic index information required

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