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Most of IT recruitment agencies ( IT placement  services ) facing many challenges for giving best IT staffing services ( IT Staffing firm ) to industries it cause many reasons.

Deficiency of technical competency, applicant stability issue, poor communication skills & lesser extent on individual contributor. False on real-time experience, IT consultant view cause to most of recruitment agencies fail to find the right potential candidate in timeline ….most important point many IT Recruitment agencies fail to screen the technical skills duo lake of Techno-domain knowledge.

Bet we confidently say that we awesome to screen with the basics to latest techno screening Process, as per client exception. That is reason we have got many appreciation from various it clients (NES, quintal & Lad solution and Cognizant India) little span of time our strategies make us as top IT placement consultants in Hyderabad.

We have global level screening techniques as (SCODE, LGCODE, SIGMAS) process.

Our IT staffing consultancy is a Hyderabad based leading Recruitment Solutions Company. IT manpower services (human Resources) Recruitment and selection process starts with niche point to job vacancies and ends with selecting the best candidates to fill those positions.

As we have ‘n’ no. of Software staffing solution Companies in Hyderabad, Hiring right person for right job. Our team of hr consultant services ensures the resources fit both company your company philosophy and the job at hand.

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One search for the IT jobs by 3G HR services. One click, direct link organization focuses on different types of domains like project manager, Lead role & developer role Executive etc..

Top IT Placement recruitment services:
As Per our following SOP Procedure we confidently says we are in Top 10 IT Placement services in Hyderabad It based on our level success rate access to TOP it companies like Cognizant India for Google India process.

Best IT Placement services:
Since 2010 we placed many fresher hiring made by ours, Technologies like .net, Java, Sql,Orcle,C+,C++,web services, testing, SAP, mainframes and ERPs.
We promise you to deliver the optimistic applicants as per your requirement to b a part of your vision and Mission.

Thanks to all our client to make a Best IT Placement staffing services in Hyderabad.

An organization, No matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it