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Introducing 3G HR Executive Search India

Executive recruitment firms, also known as "headhunters" or search firms can find qualified professional, managerial or technical candidates for you.
Our firm aim is to service clients by identifying and introducing Best-Fit Managers and Professionals, through customized and effective Search solutions.
We are able to guarantee Quality Head hunting and Executive Search services worldwide
The right employees are the best building blocks for building a better business. But where to find them?
3G HR Services provides the optimist services in the industry for Executive Search.
Our approach is to establish a partnership with Clients based on the understanding of their Needs, Transparency, Regular dialogue and Insight into Business and Company Culture.
Our long-standing Clients know that they can count on professionals who personally invest their time and energy in identifying the best possible candidates at that period in time.
It is a process where an industry goes through the selection process to fulfill its open requisitions for Senior& executive Level Positions.3G HR Services Executive Search is a high-end retained executive search firm in Hyderabad with multi focus on appointments for the positions of: Board Directors, Managing Directors and other CEO’s CFO’s COO’s or other top level executives recruitments.
Our goal is to be true advisers to our clients during all phases of a search. We strive always to exceed client expectations by providing a meaningful choice of candidates and a smooth and thorough process, which includes five main phases.

Establish Search priorities.
Determine search strategy.
Attract and Evaluate candidates.
Present most qualified candidates for client interviews.
Complete the search.


Trust us, to deliver the best value add people, ethical people who support in business decision making for your company goals. More info find our Search methodologies


Quality cannot recognize, until it reach to right Place